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clientale- mining (ventilation, lighting, and conveyor control), elevators (for signal transmission), irrigation systems, water treatment facilities (signal monitoring, control), facility alarm systems, parking guidance systems, and in building automation (temperature and lighting control, security),quick disconnect cables for use with inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, and ultrasonic sensors,detect most materials - conductive and non-conductive. level detection in raw plastic delivery systems and in agricultural application etc ,motor starters,motor control centres, packaging machinery, HVAC equipment, control panels, process control,protecting motors against the damaging effects of single phasing and overloads (elevators, compressors, pumps, air conditioning systems, mixing tanks),monitoring instrumentation signals , verification of machinery operation, detection of brokenelements, monitoring of lights in critical areas (runway lights at airports), monitoring of ventilation fans, and in building automation systems,digital panel meters, HMIs and digital displays (current meters, ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters, temperature meters and temperature controllers, tachometers, and rate meters) for the OEM, Panel Builder, Instrumentation, and MRO customer,energy meters and power quality meters and transducers for monitoring energy consumption as well as problems with power quality, EOS Array system monitor the current, voltage, power, temperature, and irradiation levels of your entire solar installation,detect levels and provide an output to a controller or BAS. office buildings, schools, green houses, museums and incubators,detect metal parts and objects. sensors used in packaging and plastics machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems, level sensors and level control relays for both on/off control and continuous monitoring of levels,level control in wells and municipal water systems, protection of pumps, levels in grain elevators and feed conveyors, and level detection in vacuum delivery systems in the plastics industry,detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics,sensor for elevators and lifts, gate control, level detection, and access control,photoelectric sensors for automatic doors,sensor forclear object detection, and sensor for colour recognition, switch mode power supplies,3 phase power supplies,specialty sensors for automatic doors advanced radar sensor,relays for industrial automation, relays for switch loads like heaters, lights, and motors,Energy meters and transducers,contactors, Wind Speed Sensors,renewable solar energy products,packaging and plastics machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems. detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics, level control in wells and municipal water systems, protection of pumps, levels in grain elevators and feed conveyors, and level detection in vacuum delivery systems in the plastics industry,sensor for elevators and lifts, gate control, level detection, and access control,packaging machinery, automatic door systems, factory automation, and in car washes,clear object detection, and colour recognition,level applications,industrial cleaning solutions,specialty sensors for use with automatic doors using advanced radar and vision principles,motion and presence detection sensor,relays in control panels, HVAC control systems, pump and compressor control, and electronic and consumer products. switch loads such as heaters, lights, and motors,lighting and pump switching. solid state relays feature horsepower ratings suitable for controlling motorized dampers in HVAC control systems,plastics, packaging, food processing, and HVAC industries - for temperature control,lighting and pump switching,controlling motorized dampers,printing,pressure controller
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Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Sensors, Switches, Ssr, Controls, Safety Timers, Smps, Safety Light Curtain Special Type Sensor, High Temperature Sensors, Frame Sensors, Slot Sensors, Access Control Blue Tooth Sensor, Colour Sensor, Temperature Controller, Digital Timers, Power Regulators, Motion Detector, Twilight Sensors, Auto Sliding Doors, Motor Controllers, Current Voltage Monitoring, Parking Guidance System Brochure, Array, Multifunction Digital Timer, Elko Ep, Digital Time Switch Clock Sht, Multi function Time Relay Crm, Home Wireless Security, Twilight Switch With Sensor, Sugar Colour Monitoring, Online Colour Verification, Blue Tooth Access Control, 2wire Inductive Programmable, Hall Effect Sensor, Cross Beam Light Curtain, Inductive Sensor Programmable, Takex, Fibre Optic, Miniature Ultrasonic Thru Beam, Multi function Frequency, Infrared Temperature Sensor, Fork Sensor, Capacitive Special Version, Photoelectric Sensors, Solar Energy Solutions, 2 Wire Inductive Programmable, Teach Slot Sensor 3mm, Bluetooth Access Control, Analog Controller, Ultra Small Size G Series, 100mm Crossbeam, High Temperature Inductive,

Yeast cutting system, Sensor Tube Filling, Tube filling sensor, HOME AUTOMATION, SMART HOME CONTROL, Lights control, Motion control, Motion Sensors GSM, Parking guidance system, parking management system, Industrial Automation, Process Automation System, Distributed Control System, Human Machine Interface, SCADA, PLC, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Programmable Logic Controller, intelligent transport systems (ITS), Support automation, Factory Automation, Process Automation, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, , Factory Automation, Process Automation, Solar Projects, Parking Guidance System, Smart Infrastructure Automation, Lighting Automation, Building Automation, Utility Management SCADA PLC, HVAC, System Integration, SENSORS ,TIMERS, RELAYS, PANELS, SWITCHES, SAFETY, ECO ENERGY, Detectors, Loop Detectors, Automation Electronic Components, Electronic Control, Automation Project Kits, Automation Components, Importer, Supplier, Trader, Distributor, Business, BAS, Building Automation System, Building Management Systems, Automated highway systems, Energy consumption, Energy Management, Secure Parking Management, Stack parking, multilevel parking , Programmable controllers, Systems Integration, Liquid Level controller, Speed motor control, Electronic Timer, Water Level Controller, Limit switch, motor protection relay, Data aquisition system, Alarm Annuciator, Display Board, Frequency meter, LED Display, Panel meters, Current Tranducer, control panel, ac dc drives, variable frequency drive, Temperature controller, system integration, Limit switch, LED Display, Digital panel meter, intelligence analysis systems, Room automation, Building Management System, BMS, Heating control, Ventilation control, Air-conditioning, HVAC, Access control, Sense, Switch, Control, Field bus, Eco Energy Equipment , PLC programming, Solid state relays, Sensors, Monitoring relays, Energy metering and Management products, Motor controllers, Field bus systems, renewable energy products, Gsm Operated Alarms, Wireless Control Panel , Occupancy sensors, Dimmers, INDUCTIVE SENSORS, CAPACITIVE SENSORS, ULTRASONIC SENSORS, PHOTO ELECTRIC SENSORS, CONDUCTIVE LEVEL SENSORS, MAGNETIC SENSORS, MOTION & PRESENCE RADAR SENSORS, Modular Electronic Devices, Wireless Controls Wireless RF system, Optical Level Sensors, Pressure Switches, Transmitter, Transmitter Level sensors, Level Switches, Temperature Switches & Sensor, Industrial Relays, Temperature Controller, Temperature Sensor, HUMIDITY SENSOR, Light Curtains, Fiber Sensor, Fiber Optic Sensor, DISPLACEMENT SENSOR, LASER SENSOR, COLOUR VISION SENSOR, HOT METAL SENSOR, FLAME SENSOR, ring sensor,, Signal Tower Lamp, Inductive Proximity Switches, Inductive Proximity Sensor, Encoders, Fork Sensor, Process automation solutions, Complete flexible automated manufacturing

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few examples of our industrial and home automation products are:
Detect glass wafer notch,wafer count,detect glass wafers,foup landing spot,wafer mapping,Detect two sides of glass,Detect upper edge position of glass, silicon wafers,Detect passing FOUP,Detecting wafers in corrosive environment,Align glass substrate,Wafers mapping3,Detect landing of glass substrate in vacuum chamber,Count silicon wafers,Detect glass alignment,Detect lead frame,Detect glass wafer notch,wafer mapping,Detect liquid surface in transparent pipe,Detect carrier trays in chamber,Detect overlapping film.

2. Food, pharmacy, package industry Liquid detection in transparent bottle Cutoff line on film package Instillation bag detection Torn label, label missing,Tablet counting,Glass-bottle detection at high temperature,Drug detection in dropper,Detecting direction of packaged sweet,Detecting transparent glass bottle through hole,Presence check on form-fill-sealing machine,Edge guiding transparent film,detecting piled up ice cream cups,Detect cushioning in tablet glass bottle,Detect defect seal on instillation bag,Detect metal foreign objects,Detect plastic bags which are stuck together,Detect register mark on package film,Detect glass bottle in a hostile environment,Detect the end of transparent film,Detect fallen can on conveyer,Detect upside-down cap,Detect the edge of package (three sides sealing)- Electricity, electric component industry-Detect PC board ,Detect connector pins Detect warpage of chips,Detect PC board presence,Detect parts in parts feeder,Detect parts position,Detect passing small chips,Delivery of Braun tube,Detect IC,Detect the presence of lead wire,Detect passing chips in high temperature environment

3 Automobile, machine industry-Sorting by size,Counting passing screw,Detection in small narrow place,Detect passing glass for automobile,Detect body on the process of coating,Detect the edge of paper,Detect the presence of door clip,Detect the presence of washer,Detect gold wire Logistics, delivery industry-Detect items on roller conveyer,Detect dropping items from conveyer,Detect rack position,Detect car position at multilevel car parking,Detect stuck PET bottle,Detect passing cartons Semiconductor FPD PV industry -Liquid crystal glass position setting Measuring liquid crystal glass thickness,Check balance and thickness of solar cell substrate,Measuring ink jet coating,Detect wafers through view port,Detect stop position of solar battery substrate,Detect war page of PC board,Detect thickness of transparent film,Detect deformation of liquid crystal grass,Detect waves on glass plate,Detect thickness of electrode plate of secondary battery,Wind pressure deformation test for solar panel,Detect adhesive spread,detect the thickness of sputtering target

Detect warpage of PC board,Measure component height,Detect piled-up components and vacant tray,Counting small electronic components,Measure the height of components and solder

Automobile, machine industry-Check brake pad flatness,Check parts shapes,Measuring rotation angle of airline components Rubber, plastic industry-Detect joint line on black rubber,Check parts shapes Check outer shape of tire,Detect thickness of rubber sheet,Detect joint line on rubber sheet,Measuring thickness of rubber sheet,Loosen rubber sheet Logistics, delivery industry-Measuring carton size,Measure the pile of cardboard,Control robot arm Food, pharmacy, package industry- Detect the presence of straw,Measuring fill ration,Check seal of lid,Detect overlapped seal packing,Check the direction of bottle cap,Control level of chocolate,Detect upside-down ice cream cup,Detect the number of cardboard,Measure the thickness of lumber for building,Control level of molten metal,Crane control for sheet roll,Measuring diameter of sheet coil

Control systems, open and closed control systems for process automation,

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Control systems, open and closed control systems for process automation, Identification systems, image processing systems for process automation, Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry, Process automation solutions and IT solutions, Integrated solutions for process optimization, statistical process control and data acquisition, Field devices, components for process automation, Special process automation controls and individual controllers, Overall system planning and consultancy services (process automation), Instrumentation and control, Alarm systems for the process industry, Data acquisition systems for the process industry, Diagnosis systems for the process industry• Gas warning systems (for combustible and toxic gases), Industrial security systems for the process industry, Remote monitoring systems for the process industry, Field Control Instruments Devices and Systems, SCADA Software for the process industry, BUILDING AUTOMATION, BUS AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY
Inductive SensorsCapacitive SensorsPhotoelectric SensorsConductive Level SensorsMagnetic SensorsUltrasonic Proximity SensorsMotion Radar SensorsLight CurtainsEnvironmental SensorsLoop DetectorSafety Magnetic SensorsSafety Light CurtainsSolid State RelaysSoft StartersFrequency DrivesPush Buttons & Pilot LightsLimit SwitchesMotor Protection UnitMonitoring RelaysTimersCountersDigital Panel MetersEnergy ManagementSoftware and AccessoriesEnergy efficiency monitoringSwitching Power SupplySafety ModulesMeasurement Current TransformersField Installation BusSafety BusElevator ControlsIrrigation SystemsHome and Building Automation SystemsFlexible optical sensors Wireless alarm camera and wireless PIR detector with door sensor and window sensorGPS antennas
AdBlue emulators Air flow sensors Automotive light sensors Automotive sensors Camshaft position sensors Crankshaft position sensors Knock sensors Speed sensors Throttle position sensors
Brake pad sensors
Car SafetyCar gas detectors Lane change assist systems Parking sensors Tire pressure monitoring systems Wireless parking sensorsCar Security
Circuit & Heat Protection Components
Remote control light switches
Electronic automation suppliesEmergency & Rescue ProductsHazard warning devices Rescue radarsEmergency Alert SystemsFreeze & temperature alarms Railroad signal devicesFire Safety EquipmentSmoke detectors/alarmsHVACFan coil thermostats HVAC thermostats

Home Alarms & Sensors
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Control systems, open and closed control systems for process automation, Identification systems, image processing systems for process automation, Monitoring, safety and SCADA systems for the process industry, Process automation solutions and IT solutions, Integrated solutions for process optimization, statistical process control and data acquisition
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